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Is it worth it to buy a 60 GH/s miner at this stage of the game?

So I've arrived at the bitcoin party a bit too late, but I managed to get my hands on a Jalapeno miner that runs at 7.8 GH/s for next to nothing and got it up and running with EclipseMC yesterday. In the last 24 hours it has produced 0.0027807 BTC, but it hasn't found any new blocks. I also found someone willing to sell a 60 GH/s for $450, but I don't know if it will be profitable so late in the Bitcoin game. I suppose I could always mine NameCoins as well and hope that their value increases over the next couple of years, but I'm not sure if it's worth it.
I've read all sorts of differing opinions after some significant googling, but I thought I'd ask the community here to see what everyone thinks. I also don't pay utilities, so power isn't a factor for me. :)
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Here's some good tools to know about in case you ever have a nonconfirming, stuck transaction you want to try to re-spend! (happened to me recently)

A general method for getting a transaction unstuck, or how pulling off a double-spend doesn't necessarily make you an asshole.
Hi /bitcoin,
Yesterday I had a bit of an ordeal with a few hundred bucks worth of coins stuck in limbo, due to a transaction (which wasn't even my transaction) that would not confirm.
Hopefully this write-up can help people who might find themselves in the same boat down the line.
BACKSTORY: I zapped some coins to a wallet so that I could do a SharedCoin transaction. Set it up, it seemed to execute fine, smooth sailing. The only problem was, this SharedCoin transaction was taking forever to confirm.
I got impatient and decided to investigate. I used the explorer to look at the other inputs into the SharedCoin transaction. Some of the inputs were unconfirmed, which was the culprit. Tracing back these unconfirmed inputs to their ultimate source (many steps back), I found one transaction that was the root cause of it all (it had one output that was less than 0.01, a size of >2kb, and zero transaction fee). In other words, it was unlikely that this transaction would ever be confirmed. This shittily crafted transaction was holding up the confirmation of every transaction that subsequently depended on it! Grr.
As an aside, I was actually quite surprised that allows inputs into SharedCoin transactions which depend on such shitty transactions which will probably never confirm. Hopefully they fix this, because it can really screw over the other participants in a SharedCoin transaction, even though they are not at fault.
TAKING ACTION: I waited for several hours hoping for a mining miracle: that some pool would just confirm this one shitty transaction holding the whole queue up. I read a comment by luke-jr somewhere saying that certain pools (Eligius and EclipseMC, IIRC) actually try to confirm bad zero-fee transactions as long as subsequent transactions depending on them do have correct feeing. That was heartening, but even though those pools mined some blocks during my wait, it didn't fix my problem.
Finally I decided to try to execute a double spend in order to get my coins unstuck. (Maybe double-spend is the wrong word... re-spend? Both the original and the re-spend were transactions to myself -- I wasn't out to defraud anyone, just get my coins unstuck). The decision was partly out of impatience, partly just to see if it was possible. I though it might be, given that estimated that the SharedCoin transaction only had like 20-something-% propagation into the network. So, at least that was probably working in my favor. I believe typically, having a well-connected node, might get better propagation, so YMMV.
Here's what I did:
CONCLUSION: Although I fell asleep before I could see whether or not it worked, next morning I saw that the re-spend transaction had gone through. It was confirmed only about 8 hours after the original transaction was broadcast (which conflicts with some forum posts I read claiming that you should wait 24-48 hrs before attempting a re-spend on stuck coins). The block containing my re-spend had been mined by Eligius, which may suggest that their pushtx site was the one that ended up working for me.
Executing a successful double-spend on a transaction of yours that will not confirm seems to be the best and fastest method, currently, for getting your coins unstuck.
Most wallet softwares won't let you construct a double-spend txn if they already know about the first transaction, though!
So, we gotta take matters into our own hands. Here's what to do: can help you make raw transactions as long as you have the private key.
With a raw tx in hand, you can copypaste and use all of the following pushtx tools to widely disperse a raw transaction into the network and hope a miner picks it up: pushtx pushtx
Eligius pool pushtx
Coinbin pushtx
It's important to disseminate the re-spending raw txn as widely as possible, because nodes that saw the original txn generally do not rebroadcast what they perceive as a double spend attempt. Use all four pushtx websites (if there's more that I missed, please let me know and I'll update the list). Sometimes it will get rejected by some or all pushtx sites; if so, waiting longer will probably help (eventually nodes will forget the original transaction assuming it never confirms).
Hopefully that wasn't too boring of a story. Thanks for reading!
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Help setting up mining

Hey guys, bitcoin mining noob here. I have been in bitcoins for around a month now having purchased some and so I understand how it all works quite well. I also started mining whenever I wasn't playing games on my PC (I get quite a low 140 mhash, but my PC is always turned on so I figure I might as well mine when I'm not gaming).
I've been mining on deepbit since i started using gui miner, but i often seem to get errors and have to stop/start mining to fix it. I've heard that this is more a problem with deepbit than anything else so wanted to switch to eclipsemc.
I've created my account, changed my worker name/pw and changed my gui miner settings but I'm seeing no evidence that it's working. The website doesnt show that i've mined anything. What did I do wrong? Can anyone help me out?
tldr: Not new to bitcoins, new to mining, moved from deepbit to eclipsemc, can't get it working.. halp.
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