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Hardware advice for a new miner

Hows it going reddit community, I've been lurking here continuously the last 12hrs and I wish I had found this place earlier. I've just bought my first rig,
Made up of 3x SAPPHIRE HD 7970 3GB Vapor-X Ghz. I realize now that I should have just bought as many 7950s as I could, although I bought these at a killer price of £310 which is a fair bit cheaper than the rest of the British retailers. I'm confident resale value should stay fairly high so I'm not too worried about buying these premium cards. Motherboard is Gigabyte X79-UD3.
I bought this mobo because it is able to run three GPUs at 16x/8x/8x. I've seen people using a cheaper motherboards which would run three GPUs at 16x/8x/4x or 8x/8x/4x, would I see any gain in kh/s from the extra bandwidth of this mobo?
CPU is my current desktop machines Intel Core i7 with stock fan and also 8GB DDR3 from that system.
I did not know about risers and stupidly did not order some, I can only really afford two at the moment but I'm sure that should suffice.
I'm can't stop peeking out my window at the sound of a passing van hoping it is the Polish TNT driver who delivers my parcels... the wait continues - I'll be mining at give-me-ltc, see you guys around!
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New people please read this. [upvote for visibility please]

I am seeing too many new people come and and getting confused. Litecoin wiki isn't the greatest when it comes to summing up things so I will try to do things as best as I can. I will attempt to explain from what I have learned and answer some questions. Hopefully people smarter than me will also chime in. I will keep this post updated as much as I can.
Litecoin is a type to electronic currency. It is just like Bitcoin but it there are differences. Difference explained here.
If you are starting to mine now chances are that you have missed the Bitcoin mining train. If you really want your time and processing power to not go to waste you should mine LTC because the access to BTC from there is much easier.
Mining. What is it?
Let's get this straight. When making any financial commitment to this be prepared to do it with "throw away" money. Mining is all about the hashrate and is measured in KH/s (KiloHash/sec). Unlike the powerful ASICs (Application Specific Integrated Circuit) that are used to mine bitcoins using hashrates in the GH/s and even TH/s, litecoin mining has only been able to achieve at the very best MH/s. I think the highest I've seen is 130 MH/s so far. Which leads us to our next section.
Mining Hardware
While CPU mining is still a thing it is not as powerful as GPU mining. Your laptop might be able to get 1 a month. However, I encourage you to consult this list first. List of hardware comparison You will find the highest of processors can maybe pull 100 KH/s and if we put this into a litecoin mining calculator it doesn't give us much.
Another reason why you don't want to mine with your CPU is pretty simple. You are going to destroy it.
So this leaves us with GPUs. Over the past few months (and years) the HD 7950 has been the favourite because it drains less power and has a pretty good hashrate. But recently the introduction of the R9 290 (not the x) has changed the game a bit. People are getting 850 KH/s - 900 KH/s with that card. It's crazy.
Should I mine?
Honestly given the current difficulty you can make a solid rig for about $1100 with a hashrate of 1700 KH/s which would give you your investment back in about a month and a half. I am sure people out there can create something for much cheaper. Here is a good example of a setup as suggested by dystopiats
PCPartPicker part list / Price breakdown by merchant / Benchmarks
Type Item Price
CPU AMD Sempron 145 2.8GHz Single-Core Processor $36.01 @ Amazon
Motherboard ASRock 970 EXTREME4 ATX AM3+ Motherboard $99.48 @ OutletPC
Memory Crucial Ballistix Tactical Tracer 4GB (1 x 4GB) DDR3-1866 Memory $59.99 @ Newegg
Video Card Sapphire Radeon HD 7950 3GB Video Card (3-Way CrossFire) $245.38 @ Newegg
Video Card Sapphire Radeon HD 7950 3GB Video Card (3-Way CrossFire) $245.38 @ Newegg
Video Card Sapphire Radeon HD 7950 3GB Video Card (3-Way CrossFire) $245.38 @ Newegg
Power Supply SeaSonic Platinum 860W 80+ Platinum Certified Fully-Modular ATX Power Supply $146.98 @ SuperBiiz
Prices include shipping, taxes, and discounts when available. $1078.60
Generated by PCPartPicker 2013-11-29 00:52 EST-0500
Estimated Hashrate (with GPU overclocking) : 1900 KH/s
Hardware Fundamentals
CPU - Do you need a powerful CPU? No but make sure it is a decent one. AMD CPUs are cheap to buy right now with tons of power. Feel free to use a Sempron or Celeron depending on what Motherboard you go with.
RAM - Try to get at least 4 GB so as to not run into any trouble. Memory is cheap these days. I am saying 4 GB only because of Windoze. If you are plan to run this on Linux you can even get away with less memory.
HDD Any good ol 7200 RPM hard drive will do. Make sure it is appropriate. No point in buying a 1TB hard drive. Since, this is a newbie's guide I assumed most won't know how to run linux, but incase you do you can get a USB flash drive and run linux from it thus removing the need for hard drive all toghether. (thanks dystopiats)
GPU - Consult the list of hardware of hardware I posted above. Make sure you consider the KH/s/W ratio. To me the 290 is the best option but you can skimp down to 7950 if you like.
PSU - THIS IS BLOODY IMPORTANT. Most modern GPUs are power hungry so please make sure you are well within the limits of your power consumption.
MOTHERBOARD - Ok, so a pretty popular board right now is Gigabyte GA-990FXA-UD3 and the ASRock 970 Extreme4. Some people are even going for Gigabyte GA-990FXA-UD5 and even the mighty Gigabyte GA-990FXA-UD7 because it has more PCI-E slots. 6 to be exact. However you may not need that much. With risers you can get more shoved into less.
PCI-E RISERS - These are called risers. They come in x16 to x16 and x1 to x16 connections. Here is the general rule of thumb. This is very important. Always get a POWERED riser otherwise you will burn a hole in your MoBo. A powered rise as a molex connector so that additional power from PSU can be supplied.
When it comes to hardware I've provided the most basic knowledge you need. Also, take a look at cryptobader's website. This is very helpful. Please visit the mining section of Litecoin Forums and the litecoinmining subreddit for more indepth info.
Mining Software
Now that you have assembled your hardware now you need to get into a pool. But before you do that you need a mining software. There are many different ones but the one that is most popular is cgminer. Download it and make sure you read the README. It is a very robust piece of software. Please read this if you want to know more. (thanks BalzOnYer4Head)
Mining Pools
Now that your hardware and software is ready. I know nothing about solo mining other than the fact that you have to be very lucky and respectable amount of hashing power to decrypt a block. So it is better to join pools. I have been pool hopping for a bit and really liked give-me-coin previously known to the community as give-me-ltc. They have a nice mobile app and 0% pool fees. This is really a personal preference. Take a look at this list and try some yourself.
How do I connect to a pool?
Most pools will give you a tutorial on how to but the basics are as follows:
  • Signup for a pool
  • Create a worker for your account. Usually one worker per rig (Yes people have multiple rigs) is generally a good idea.
  • Create a .run file. Open up notepad and type cgminer.exe -o (address_to_the_miningpool:port_number) -u (yourusername.workername) -p (your_worker_password_if_you_made_one). Then File>Save As> (Make sure the drop down is set to "All Files" and .txt document.) and save in the same folder as cgminer. That's it.
  • Double click on (or whatever you named it) and have fun mining.
Mining Profitability
This game is not easy. If it was, practically everyone would be doing it. This is strictly a numbers game and there are calculations available that can help you determine your risk on your investments. 4 variables you need to consider when you are starting to mine:
Hardware cost: The cost of your physical hardware to run this whole operation.
Power: Measured in $/KwH is also known as the operating cost.
Difficulty rate: To put it in layman's terms the increase in difficulty is inversely proportional to amount of coin you can mine. The harder the difficulty the harder it is to mine coin. Right now difficulty is rising at about 18% per 3 days. This can and will change since all you miners are soon going to jump on the band wagon.
Your sanity: I am not going to tell you to keep calm and chive on because quiet frankly that is stupid. What I will tell you not to get too carried away. You will pull you hair out. Seriously.
Next thing you will need is a simple tool. A mining profitability calculator. I have two favourite ones.
I like this one cause it is simple. The fields are self explanatory. Try it.
I like this one because it is a more real life scenario calculator and more complicated one (not really). It also takes increasing difficulty into account.
Please note: This is the absolute basic info you need. If you have more questions feel free to ask and or google it!
More Below.
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New user (Hasrate 0.0kh)

Hey there! I just recently heard about crypto currency a few hours ago and I thought I might try to be a part of it! So this is my first day trying it (and my first day ever using Redit)
So far I watch a few tutorials on what bitcoins are, how to set up a wallet, get a pool, ect. And after syncing the dogecoin wallet, i loaded my .bat and it's running with nut2pool
but for some reason it's been stuck at 0.0 Hashrate for a while. Every now and then it would go up to 69KH , but after 10 seconds go right down to 0.0 again.
My setup: Intel I5 /// 12GB Ram /// Radeon HD 7950 Using cgminer-3.7.2 for windows 7 , and I have a 30mb time warner connection.
Code: cgminer --scrypt -o stratum+tcp:// -u -p -o stratum+tcp:// -u rikkusguardian.shadow -p flamesofel3
Am I doing something wrong?
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Just Started Litecoin Mining!

Okay so I've had my ubuntu server storage/plex/torrents/ftp/website running for a few years now, and I always wanted to jump in to bitcoin but you know that never happened... especially with the current difficulty.
Anyway on the weekend I ventured out and bought myself 2x 7950's and added them to my server. After a back up and fresh install of ubuntu server 13.10, with the current amd beta drivers, (and quick restore of all my previous settings bring the server back to its former glory) I started messing with cgminer settings and bla bla bla, and I've been testing different pools, and I've settled on coinhuntr over mine-litecoin (for some reason mine-litecoin just doesnt report the correct hash rate that cgminer is reporting... at least for me) and yeah its been only a few days and I've got 3 litecoins so far
I'm pretty happy, mostly excited at how well its all just working for me, I mean I havn't completely maxed out the hash rate of the cards yet, they are sitting 1098 avg, but there is no impact on my server, plex still streams, deluge still downloads... flexget still flexgets, I can still ftp to my storage from uni, and yeah.
only thing I'm working on is a init.d script to run at a delayed time (giving everything else the opportunity to boot before mining starts) in the even that power fails long enough and my ups goes out (its a 3000va ups so i dont think thats gonna happen any time soon :P ) but you know, my family that im still living with, dad understands that my server is best for the network when its on :P
but yeah, thats sorta what I wanted to share and yeah, I suppose im welcoming myself to the community :P
edit: I forgot to mention, My wallet Im keeping on an encrpyted ubuntu VM, and then that vm is kept on a true crypt drive and I have multiple usb's of this partition and you know, a pile of memorized paraphrases... yeah i know perhaps a bit over the top, but I've read so many horror stories of people loosing their bitcoins, can't say I want say the next 5 years of litecoin being taken from me... you know for example Anyone else got some over the top wallet protection stories?
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Repost for a nice not-so-new pool looking for hashrate !

Hello guys. I'm doing a repost of our old thread regarding Hypernova ( :
It's been quite 1 month since we announced our opening. We and our fellow users thought it might be a good idea to talk about it again since the pool's maturity increased and features added up to the list (like replacing proportional reward system with CPPSRB)
Let me show you the main features !
A nice looking and efficient web interface We'red tired about these copy-paste pools using the mmcFE-litecoin project. We've wanted something beautiful, original and useful. Soak managed to bring you the best web interface he could. Use it on your computer, phone, phablet, android, iphone, ipad, refrigerator, lawn-mower... Starting everything from scratch was our choice - and our pride.
Capped Pay Per Share with Recent Backpay Reward System We didn't find something else longer to spell. You may have already seen this reward system currently live on the Bitcoin mining pool Eligius. To be short : it's a system that tries to be close of the classic PPS reward system. The main difference is : the pool pays the miners with the solved blocks funds. The pool doesn't take risks on short/long rounds. When a round's unlucky and the pool can't pay anymore for the work, we shelve your shares for further backpay. As the formula calculating PPS price is based on a ~60% luck assumption (It is the same formula for every classic PPS pool), mathematically we should end up with more frequent lucky (with no shelves) rounds than unlucky. With that system the pool doesn't take the risk of being bankrupt. So what we have there is a nice compromise between PPLNS with high variance and PPS with null variance (which is balanced by higher fees and a risk of bankruptcy for the pool operators).
Custom difficulty choosable per worker We heard that a bunch of you doesn't like vardiff or fixed diff pools. That's why we let you the choice. Either you're a tiny cpu miner or a cowboy with GPU farms, you're free to choose your worker difficulty from 8 to 128.
Sweet pool efficiency We've worked hard on our infrastructure implementation and Stratum. Our general overall efficiency always have been above 99%. At the time I'm writing these lines it is at 99.47% accepted shares versus 0.53% rejected. We're aware about the latency challenge. That's why we opened 4 nodes around the world to ensure the lowest round trip time : (Europe, France) (USA, New York) (USA, Dallas) (USA, Los Angeles)
A helpful and nice community We're always happy to help you. By mail on [email protected] or on IRC Freenode's channel #hypernova with the pool operators and our fellow miners. Keep in touch with us, we're nice people always trying to crunch our 7950 to the best !
1% fee Using a nice PPS reward system with a good compromise allows us to lower the fee thus allowing to help us pay for the servers and infrastructure.
API with JSON encoded values So you're the cowboy with a farm of 7950 ? Enjoy our API to monitor your rigs !
How to join us ? Give a shot to the website : and create an account. Once you created a worker, point your miner toward your nearest node and shout us your best battle cry at #hypernova on Freenode ! EG (for cgminer) : cgminer -o stratum+tcp:// -u JohnDoe.myWorker -p 12345 --scrypt ...
Help us to spread the word ! We've put online a page especially for that : with links to every of our threads and useful buttons for Facebook/TwitteGoogle spreading.
Message for those that were with us from the beginning Thank you ! We're happy to see our project moving forward. We wouldn't have been that far without you supporting us. Thank you again and see you in the future.
So far, 2130 Litecoins redistributed to our fellow miners. Still counting... !
Hope to see you soon on Hypernova.. And sorry for the noise :)
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Linux headless setup

I'm setting up a mining rig using 3-7950's, and have ran into a little bit of a road block. I've seen a few guides using xubuntu 12.10, but none with xubuntu 13.04.
darth_bunny's guide
cryptobadger's guide
gentoo (bitcoin)
I've tried the first 2 ways on fresh images, but for some reason X never starts...
aticonfig --adapter=0 --od-getclocks ERROR - X needs to be running to perform AMD Overdrive(TM) commands 
Following the darth_bunny's guide way I built to 13.04 instead of 12.10
./ --buildpkg Ubuntu/raring 
On a side note, whenever I plug the ATI cards in, video (connected to onboard), does not output. I'm guessing this is because the ATI cards are primary? It didn't bother me as I ssh in anyway.
I also have some missing lib's when trying to run cgminer, but that is something to worry about later.
Has anyone solved this on 13.04, or should I just downgrade to 12.10?
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So I have two 7950s, and alone they get ~490 Mh/s (which still seems low), and when they're both running I get a *total* of ~530 Mh/s. What am I doing wrong?

I am using the following cgminer configuration:
./cgminer -o -O januszeal.x:x --verbose --auto-fan -I 14 -g 2 -w 256 --shaders 1792 
Possibly related, I have the same issue with mining litecoin.
Edit: If anyone has the same issue as me, INSTALL THE OFFICIAL AMD DRIVERS. My problems are now solved.
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Woah, lets make some special alt-coin servers.. bad idea?

Alright, so I got this idea... I've been making servers for a doctor over the past few months. He's filthy ass rich, I've made him five milk crate style servers (20x 7950s)and hes made over 140,000 thousand usd on litecoins so far. He's given me no cut, and I only made 200 a server from him. It made me mad because college is too damn expensive. Anyway, on to my idea. I've been researching and getting pretty good at making these and running them efficiently. I've also seen how many people showing interesting in the bitcoin world, and they have no clue where to start. Some know a ton software wise, and very little hardware wise. I've also seen how there are absolutely niltch websites that sell alt-coin servers. So lets say I made servers for people who are interested. Put them in crates like these ( and used riser like these ( Preset the OS, and the cgminer. All the user would have to do is plug in and run. The question I have is would people be interested? I know difficulty is going extremely high, but along with the price! As long as the price increases it would stay profitable. GPU's are starting to come back in stock. And with stackable crates like these, its very modular and racks of racks of servers could be made. These new litecoin asics are barely gonna make it. 25MH for 10 grand in parts is almost the same price that could be spent for GPUs. Im not posting an ad, I just want some feedback from this wonderful place of reddit :)
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Lets make special Alt-Coin miners +ideas!

Alright, so I got this idea... I've been making servers for a doctor over the past few months. He's filthy ass rich, I've made him five milk crate style servers (20x 7950s)and hes made over 140,000 thousand usd on litecoins so far. He's given me no cut, and I only made 200 a server from him. It made me mad because college is too damn expensive.
Anyway, on to my idea. I've been researching and getting pretty good at making these and running them efficiently. I've also seen how many people showing interesting in the bitcoin world, and they have no clue where to start. Some know a ton software wise, and very little hardware wise. I've also seen how there are absolutely niltch websites that sell alt-coin servers.
So lets say I made servers for people who are interested. Put them in crates like these ( and used riser like these ( Preset the OS, and the cgminer. All the user would have to do is plug in and run.
The question I have is would people be interested? I know difficulty is going extremely high, but along with the price! As long as the price increases it would stay profitable. GPU's are starting to come back in stock. And with stackable crates like these, its very modular and racks of racks of servers could be made.
These new litecoin asics are barely gonna make it. 25MH for 10 grand in parts is almost the same price that could be spent for GPUs. I almost did this last summer, but boy I wish I did now. Im not posting an ad, I just want some feedback from this wonderful place of reddit :)
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Setting up solo mining just targeting USB erupters? PC/Mac?

I am having trouble trying to get solo mining started on either my PC or Mac. I have a PC set up that is using three 7950s that are mining Litecoins. I'd like to have my 2 USB erupters solo mining Bitcoins for fun on the same system. I have the drivers installed for the USB miners and my system recognizes them.
I am starting Bitcoin-QT as -server
My bitcoin.conf looks like this: listen=1 server=1 rpcuser=user rpcpassword=pass
I set up a BFG .bat like this: bfgminer.exe -o -O -u user -p pass
When I launch that, BFG just crashes. I have also tried it with CGminer and that crashes also. I'd like to keep CGminer on the cards Litecoin mining and use BFG for the USB miners.
How do I get BFG to work just with the USBs? Also, do I need to input a Bitcoin address somewhere so if I did solve something I get the payout?
Sometimes, I do more work on my Mac and am also trying to set up the USBs to mine on a Mac using Diablo miner. Will that work the same way as the PC setup once we get it figured out?
Thanks for any help.
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AMD 7950 only at 15 Kh/s with any setting

I've tried to set up doge mining with cgminer (only did some bitcoin mining before) following the wiki's/sidebar's tutorials but no matter what kind of settings I'm using in my bat file, the 7950 will stay at slightly below 15 Kh/s (and 50 °C).
The barebones bat file looks as follows:
set GPU_MAX_ALLOC_PERCENT=100 set GPU_USE_SYNC_OBJECTS=1 cgminer.exe --scrypt -o mypool -u myuser.myworker -p mypassword -I 20 
No matter what card-specific settings I add, the Kh/s doesn't change.
I'm mining on dogehouse if that's in any case relevant. I'm also using Windows 7 x64 and Catalyst 13.12 drivers (updated from 13.8 to no avail).
Any suggestions? Thanks!
EDIT: I have fixed my problem. For some reason the bat file does not correctly set the intensity and reverts to the lowest (default?) value.
Manually setting it to the desired value within cgminer by pressing g->i->20->enter gives me the desired Kh/s.
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Informative post about Feathercoin

Seeing how this Subreddit is lacking any sort of info on Feathercoins and the lack of community support we have, I have decided to start a post that would inform newbies about Feathercoin and seasoned vets on the best places to trade.
It is a Crypto Currency that was started by Peter Bushnell. It is a clone of Litecoin (This coin was inspired by Bitcoin). The Feathercoin network generates coins at a decreasing rate. It will generate about 336 million coins which is 16 times more than that of Bitcoin and 4 times more than that of Litecoin. Currently about 25 million coins have been generated.
Network hashrates, Pools, Solo mining:
Currently a mid end system comprising of 7870 or 7970 will get you abot 400 to 700 kh/s. That means that in a given day you will be mining about 7 to 13 Feathercoins on current difficulty level. However If you mine alone that is solo mining, the probability of you finding a block is hard and it may take a while before you make a coin. To counter this people have started making pools to increase the chances of finding blocks. There are many pools that allow you to have multiple workers so you can setup multiple systems and mine at your leisure. Currently some of the popular pools are:
For a full list of mining pools:
It is highly recommended to join a pool to make mining profitable. Look at the pools posted above, look at their fee structure, their payout and make an informed decision on which pool to join.
Hardware and Mining:
Feathercoin utilizes scrypt based mining that is you can use your GPU (the Graphics card inside your system) to mine them. AMD Cards are highly recommended as they output higher hashrates as compared to Nvidia. To give you an idea of the difference a 7870 ghz edition mines at about 375 kh/s whereas a Nvidia 780ti would mine at about 224 to 300 kh/s. If you are seriously considering in investing in this venture it would be best to buy a rig that supports 6 GPU's and buy either the 7950 or the 280x as they have considerably higher hash rates and are affordable to say the least. Something one should be aware of is that mining produces a lot of heat as your system is basically running at full capacity and therefore needs a lot of cooling. People usually build rigs in the open (no case) and use household fans to cool them. Also another thing that is common is to use PCIe risers as they allow greater spacing between GPU cards and effectively help in dissipating heat. Mining uses a lot of electricity so it is best to use a schedule to mine or if electricity is cheap then 6 7950's running 24 hours a day would cost you about 12 to 18 dollars in electricity a month, maybe more depending on where you live. The software to use for mining are Cgminer (, guiminer scrypt ( and cudaminer for Nvidia cards. I would advise against Cpu mining as that is not profitable and will simply weigh you down. Invest 250 to 350 dollars in a good AMD GPU and you will be mining much more effectively.
There are many places where one can trade Feathercoins but only a few of them offer FTC/USD exchange. Btc-e ( Is one of the biggest cryptocoin trading exchanges, it does not offer USD exchange for Feathercoins as of yet but allows you to exchange for Bitcoins. Crypto-trade (, this trading exchange allows you to trade against the USD making it more favourable to miners however there is currently a lack of volume for FTC as of writing. Other exchanges like Cryptsy, Bter and coins-e are all good but they are heavily dependent on Bitcoins and Litecoins for now.
My thoughts
Feathercoin is fairly new and its gaining momentum, once big exchanges start listing it against the USD, the venture will become more profitable. For now it is advisable to mine as many as you can and sit on them till value improves or if you have a mining rig that is mining at 22000 kh/s (this will get you about 500 feathercoins a day) then mine the shit out of them and trade them for Btc for profit although I would recommend against this as it it reduces the value of feathercoin. Many exchanges allow you to deposit money via international wire transfers however the minimum is 2000 dollars so keep that in mind before investing real money into this venture. There are alternatives like paypal and okpay that are also accepted but not a lot of people have accounts on those so signup for a website that suits your situation.
One last ting we all need to do is spread awareness about Feathercoin, It is a miners coin and the difficulty right now makes it so much more interesting to mine. I will update this page with more information and will answer questions if any to the best of my knowledge. Happy mining
My FTC wallet deposit thingy address : 6v1VuL41xGuLG1Bd8usJsuUEkZyac8jKbe
EDIT : I realized some of you might have NVIDIA GPU's and are hesitant on getting AMD. Never fear for there is a solution. If you have a motherboard that supports two or more GPU's that is you have more than one PCIe slots than follow these instructions:
If you intend to game on your system while you are mining then put the NVIDIA card in PCI slot one and buy an AMD card and put it in slot 2. Now install the drivers in the order Nvidia first reboot and then Amd second reboot. You do not need to plug in HDMI to your AMD card just leave it as it is. Now download gpu miner scrypt and select from the list your AMD card and start mining, its that easy. At night if you want to squeeze in more kh/s then run cudaminer and let it mine alongside your AMD. The best part about this is that you can be mining 24/7 on your AMD card and you will not experience any system slow down while gaming or watching movies. Remember to have atleast two workers workers created so you can mine parallel. If you already have an NVIDIA card then just install your AMD card and install AMD drivers and reboot and run guiminer scrypt. At times you might run into the issue of guiminer not starting, just delete it and re install it and it should work fine in 98% of the cases. This is for those who do not want to invest in a completely new system and would rather use their existing system. You can use cgminer as well but remember the order in cgminer starts from 0 not 1 so if NVIDIA is in slot 1 then it is -d0 -g0 and AMD will be -d1 -g1
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New to mining litecoin I need some help please.

I had been mining bitcoin as a hobby while block erupters were still profitable. Now I have an interest in litecoin I have seen a lot of posts about people optimizing their mining and cgminer in general. I have been using Guiminer scrypt and I feel like I am not squeezing as much performance as I could. I have no idea how to set up cgminer and it confuses me even more when I have to setup different model cards in a single rig. If you guys could help me out get the best performance it would be greatly appreciated.
What I currently own and the hash they are creating:
which is a total of 3.95mhs
In the pool I joined it seems that it translates to 1.2LTC estimated earnings per round.
[UPDATE] Separated by rigs
Thanks in advance.
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Whats wrong/right with my rig? 4x7950

Hello everybody,
I've been using bitcoins for a while now but just starting to learn about mining.
My setup is: 4x7950 Gigabyte 3GD
Seasonic X-1250
ASRock MB-970EX4
AMD Sempron 145
4 GB Corsair DDR3
3x powered 16x to 16x risers 1x powered 1x to 16x riser
Windows 7 64x
cgminer 3.1.0
cgminer.exe -o -u user -p password --thread-concurrency 21712 -w 256 -I 18 --lookup-gap 2 -g 1 --gpu-powertune 20
Here is the funny part, I am getting amazing hash rate with only 3x 7950's.
Compared to 4x 7950:
Why is this happening? How can I achieve same hash rate with 4 gpus?
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17kh/s with a 7950...

Okay so i had this same problem when i was trying to mine bitcoins which is why i stopped but i really want to overcome it. Im getting ~17kh/s with my slightly overclocked HD 7950.
GPU_MAX_ALLOC_PERCENT=100 cgminer --scrypt -o stratum+tcp:// -u (username).(workername) -p (workerpass)
Thats my bat file. But its super late so im going to bed and i will hopefully try some suggestions when i wake up. Any help is appreciated.
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Advice for a newbie and questions about the future of Litecoin mining

I have some extra cash laying around and just got into the altcoin mining world. I'm currently drawing around 50kh/s with cgminer in Linux, using a Radeon HD6570 over at
Looking for some advice on what pools are friendliest to the part time miner, and whether or not an upgrade to a better GPU (7950 most likely) would be worth it in the long run.
In addition, ASIC farms have nearly killed bitcoin mining in just a little over a year. However, because Litecoin is based on scrypt, we're not as likely to see mining Litecoins become so unprofitable so quickly (for us small folk). Does anyone have any educated predictions about the future of Litecoin mining? Will GPU farms or FPGAs do to Litecoin mining what ASIC did to Bitcoin mining? When it comes to the future of a cryptocurrency I know that all we can do really is speculate, but I value your speculations!
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Extremely new and have a couple questions

Hello guys, I am extremely new to this bitcoin mining and I had a couple of questions.
My set up: 2 of HIS HD Radeon 7950s running at 800 MHz, 1250 memory clock cgminer 3.2
Questions: 1. out of box I am mining at 420mh/s at intensity 6. Is that good? It looks like this card can overall do about 500 out of box but my friend has told me he gets about 450 out of it.
  1. What exactly is thread concurrency? What are some important arguments to put into the batch file when setting one up for cgminer?
  2. Is it safe to overclock? If there is a way to overclock and stay at mid 70's for the temp, fans running at 100%, is it dangerous to do so? would the outcome be worth it?
  3. Is there a way to overclock it and keep temps mid 70s?
Thank you for your help.
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cgminer causing instant BSOD on execution.

I'm having a pretty strange issue. Up until a few months ago I was mining bitcoins using cgminer just fine. I stopped because it became entirely unprofitable. I decided this week to start mining litecoins and read up on what I needed. I created a new cgminer folder specifically for litecoin with a different version number of cgminer to avoid any conflicts. I eventually got it all ready and went to run cgminer and as soon as I double clicked the batch file I made it cause a BSOD. The message with the BSOD is "Bad_Pool_Header".
I thought that I may have had some incorrect flags in my batch file or maybe I was trying to push it too hard. I decided to see what would happen if I tried to run my old bitcoin mining config and it too instantly causes a BSOD. The only thing I can think of that has changed about my system is that I got a new PC case and changed the slot the graphics card was in, but I removed all the drivers and re-installed them when I did that.
From here things only get weirder. I had been on Catalyst 13.12 and decided to downgrade to 13.1 to see if that would help. That didn't do anything so I decided to see if I could get guiminer going just to see if it was all miners. I tried to start guiminer and it instantly gave me a "guiminer has stopped working" message. Long story short when I downgraded my drivers 13.1 refused to install openCl properly even after several reinstall attempts. I updated to 13.4 and now openCL is fine and guiminer works just fine using cgminer 3.7.2. However, when I attempt to run cgminer itself I still get a BSOD.
I can't understand why when I run a freshly unpacked cgminer I get a BSOD, but if I run guiminer and it uses cgminer it works fine. I'm pretty content with guiminer, but want to figure out what the issue is just in case it may cause other issues later. Has anyone ever heard of anything like this before?
My Rig (nothing is overclocked):
Sapphire 7950 (100352-3L) i5-2500k ASROCK Z67 Extreme 4 16 GB RAM 3TB HDD Windows 7 Pro
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Config post, just in case someone finds it useful.

Was responding to another user's post, figured it might help any other new people. This is one rig that produces 3.9 mh/s at 1600 watts (measured with killawatt), is stable with ~1.2% error rate, ~70C temps.
1 of these
1 of these
1 of these
6 of these
1 of these
1 of these
2 of these
1 of these
3 of these
1 of these¤tURL=%3FNtt%3Dshelves&facetInfo=
2 of these¤tURL=%3FNtt%3Dbox%2Bfan&facetInfo=
a shitload of these¤tURL=%3FNtt%3Dzip%2Bties&facetInfo=
And the lid from the cardboard box the motherboard came in. Makes a perfect motherboard tray.
Windows 8, catalyst 12.8, cgminier 3.1.1
setx GPU_MAX_ALLOC_PERCENT 100 setx GPU_USE_SYNC_OBJECTS 1 color 02 timeout /t 45 cgminer --scrypt -o -u user -p pass --no-submit-stale --gpu-fan 80 --gpu-reorder --thread-concurrency 22400 --lookup-gap 2 --gpu-engine 1125 --gpu-memclock 1250 -w 256 -I 19 -g 1
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Screen Tears when mining -- Both 7870 and 7950 on AMD 13.1

When bitcoin mining using cgminer and p2pool I've noticed screen tears along the taskbar as shown in this picture:
This issue occured with both the powercolor 7870 tahiti LE and 7950 sapphire vapor-X
It's not a temperature issue because the sapphire is running at 61ºC while the powercolor was running at 77ºC
Is this related to catalyst 13.1 drivers or does everyone get these tears due to GPU load being ~100%
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LTC mining payout questions

So I learned about bitcoins and i decided to research it a bit, I started using BitMinter and when I was talking to someone about it they told me to look into litecoins and how they're easier to make with my GPU.
A question has arose though that my research put it so that my twin frozr 7950 OC/be average hashes a little over 600kh/s In actual practice (i now use cgminer) i have the .bat file written as many people suggested. I currently get on average 587.4 kh/s according to CGminer. No matter what pool i'm joining though It says on live monitoring that it's only getting "15" hash and when i ran my computer for 4 days straight, yet i only managed to make .0004 litecoins in payout. (mind you i'm using pay per share) Does this number makes sense if I were constantly checking the number to make sure no error had arose and that it was doing blocks?
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[Weekly Spotlight] This week's updates, rig pics, and misc links!

Welcome to the first ever Weekly spotlight!

Hello fellow miners! We're opening up a segment we call the Weekly Spotlight, where we pool together some key topics. All of our sources will be linked :)
Because this is the first spotlight segment, we'll go over more than what's been happening in the past week. We'll be covering things since the beginning of time. Let's get started.

New wiki entries!

Our wiki is linked in the sidebar, and is under constant development. We've got 6 pages so far, so I'll go ahead and just Copy + Paste the Table of Contents (pages and sub-pages).
As always, if you have any suggestions, or want to contribute, message the mods!

We have a new tagging system!

For the mods!
  • [MOD POST] Greenifies title text. Used for general announcements.
  • [NEW RULE] Orangifies title text. Used for announcing a new rule.
  • [Weekly Spotlight] Yellowifies title text. Used to draw attention to the spotlight!
For everyone!
  • [Guide] Bright-purpleifies title text. Used for bringing attention to your guide.
  • [Pool Launched] Tuquoises title text. Used to promote your pool.
Keep in mind that (to my knowledge) it's only possible to tag posts via targetting the href, so it's best that you tag a self post. If you need to link to your guide, do so from there.

We have an IRC channel!

You can see it towards the bottom of the sidebar.
Gathering from the times I've been in the room, it's pretty active. Chilling and live Q&A. Come pop in sometime!

Difficulty up from ~90 to ~480 since the creation of this sub!

Sorry guys.
But hey, there's a bright side! Litecoin's value has rocketed to 6x the amount, so your profitability in $$$ should be slightly higher than before. Also, according to, the next difficulty adjustment should bring difficulty down about 80 points. According to, litecoin mining is at 130% profitability compared to bitcoin mining.

Now for entertainment, rig pics!

We have a couple...interesting...cooling solutions.
  • Posted by ImplyingImplicati0ns. A rig cooling solution posted on the IRC! [link]
  • Posted by 1930197. It's called an in-line duct fan. [link]
We have one milk crate pic.
  • Posted by Shwizy. It nets 5 Mh/s. [link]
And a whole bunch of custom frames and other solutions.
  • Posted by technocoma. 10 GPUs in a sweet setup. [link]
  • Posted by Litecoin_Messiah. 7 7950s with room to expand. [link]
  • Posted by That111Dude. 4 7950s and a box fan! [link]
  • Posted by fudgebucket27. 2 GPUs on slide-out trays. [link]

Other links!

  • Furuknap is crowdfunding a mining guide book. He's active here and has written guides for us before. [link]
  • LeStraw made a GUI frontent to reaper. It's pretty cool! [link]
  • rzw wrote a keepalive script for your crashy CPU miner! [link]
  • meeh420 made a miner status Android app! [link]
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Bitcoin Mining and Litecoin Mining Rig Dualminer USB Bitcoin, litecoin, dogecoin miner mining RIg Litecoin Mining Rig 2x Ati Radeon 7950 Sapphire Vapor-X Sapphire Trixx settings LITECOIN LTC Mining HD 7950 ...beste alternative zu BITCOIN 3 x HD7950 Card Litecoin Mining Rig Hashing at 1800 kh/s

Bitcoin 7950. Scrypt Coin Mining with 2 Threads on a 7950. In a previous blog article, I wrote about “bitcoin” mining (really scrypt coins) on a 7970. The 7970 model runs really well with two gpu-threads in cgminer but the earlier model, the 7950, struggles with two threads. Up until recently, the general practice with a 7950 was to push really high intensity values (18+) until reject ... Im Zusammenhang mit der wachsenden Popularität von Bitcoin Ende 2013 hat sich die Komplexität des Minings vervielfacht. Viele Großinvestoren begannen, ASIC-Equipment für den Bitcoin-Mining im industriellen Maßstab zu kaufen. Mining-Kryptowährung auf SHA-256 ohne spezielle Ausrüstung hat aufgehört, profitabel zu sein (Bitcoin ist das profitabelste für Kryptowährungs-Mining auf dem SHA ... CGMiner 2.8.2 AMD 12.8 SDK 2.7 Seasonic Gold 80+ 1250W Modular Corsair 4GB DDR 3 1666MHZ ASUS M5A97 R2.0 500 GB Laptop Drive (soon to be replaced by a 60GB SSD OCZ) Sempron 145 O/Cd to 3.6 GHz stable. MOBO has built in auto O/C features. MICRO USB EDIMAX WIFI N .bat looks like setx GPU_MAX_ALLOC_... May 22, 2013 Filed under: Bitcoin and tagged with: 7950, bitcoin, cgminer config, radeon, radeon hd 7950 config. I have been working on a cgminer config file for a few days now and below is a stable config file for a Radeon HD 7950 two card setup. If you only have one card then use the second value only in any comma separated entries (i.e. “Intensity” : “9,11”, for one card would be ... In a previous blog article, I wrote about “bitcoin” mining (really scrypt coins) on a 7970.The 7970 model runs really well with two gpu-threads in cgminer but the earlier model, the 7950, struggles with two threads. Up until recently, the general practice with a 7950 was to push really high intensity values (18+) until reject rates get out of hand (more than 2%).

[index] [2939] [34773] [30968] [20146] [16268] [17016] [26320] [41132] [25965] [33660]

Bitcoin Mining and Litecoin Mining Rig

LTC mining 600 Kh/s bei 320W Stromverbrauch cgminer --intensity 19 --thread-concurrency 24000 GPU VTX3D Radeon HD7950 3GB @ GPU 1030 MHz und Mem 1430 MHz CPU AMD Phenom II BE965 @ 3800Mhz (Kühler ... Cgminer running 3x 7950 1.6MH+ cheap LTC litecoin rig - Duration: 0:25. drmadcat 12,448 views. 0:25 . SOLARMINER USB Ready for Global Orders - Duration: 1:03. Solar Miner 2,900 views. 1:03 ... "cd desktop" changes the directory to desktop and "cd cgminer" changes to directory to where the executable file is to run the software. Scrypt to be saved into a batch file: cd desktop Using Bfgminer for bitcoin and cgminer scrypt for Litecoin. 8 x 7950 Sapphire. -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "The Kaws x Air Jordan 4" Cheap way to start litecoin mining running cgminer 2.11.4 Im getting just over 2.7MH. This is my third rig cgminer settings color 0A setx GPU_MAX_ALLOC_PERCENT 100 setx GPU_USE_SYNC_OBJECTS 1 ...